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  • Poo··· 12/23/2021

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  • Lim··· 12/22/2021 0Recommend

    Good quality and good colour!!i love it so much!!vivi ring brown is my favorite color!

  • Lam··· 12/22/2021

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  • Lie··· 12/19/2021 0Recommend

    really good

  • CJN··· 12/02/2021

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  • yix··· 12/02/2021 0Recommend

    really good !!! i love it, itis the best !!!! i ve recommeding to all of my friends

  • Yuj··· 11/28/2021 0Recommend

    Good quality and amazing style. There are always good price that made me can not stop purchasing.

  • HAR··· 11/28/2021 0Recommend

    Always good product i aways order here and l love it

  • Yin··· 11/27/2021 6Recommend

    Olens is amazing I love all the contacts I’ve gotten so far absolutely recommending this brand to all my friends who need some contacts

  • Hoo··· 11/26/2021 0Recommend

    The color is nice and comfortable to wear,look natural and beautiful.. Especially vivo brown colour.. Look so nice

  • Mei··· 11/26/2021 0Recommend

    Love the ease of ordering contact lens. Love the many colors too.

  • Yit··· 11/26/2021 0Recommend

    It’s very easy to buy.
    And the color is beautiful.
    I always bought then.

  • Ton··· 11/24/2021 0Recommend

    I love it Nice !it’s comfortable and beautiful color I always bought this ,amazing

  • Sek··· 11/11/2021

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  • Kon··· 11/11/2021

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  • Bow··· 11/11/2021 0Recommend

    Best product! Is the best product I ever wear is really comfortable I love it so much

  • Cry··· 11/06/2021

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  • Xie··· 11/06/2021

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  • Oli··· 11/05/2021 0Recommend

    Best products! Can’t beat olens, they’re the only brand I buy

  • Nic··· 11/04/2021 0Recommend

    Wear olens for years, really comfortable and looks good, buy again and again

  • Yix··· 11/03/2021 0Recommend

    It’s really Beautiful I love them and they are so cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viv··· 11/01/2021 0Recommend

    I love olens so muchh

  • Jij··· 10/25/2021

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  • Bel··· 10/22/2021

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  • Mik··· 10/18/2021 0Recommend

    Something i Can’t live with out I love olen vvvvvvvvvvv love love love love it

  • emi··· 10/13/2021 0Recommend

    Reasonable price and comfortable. Have been using olens for 3 years

  • Nut··· 09/30/2021 0Recommend

    Nice color i love it lovvvvvvvvvvve so beautiful content lens ever !!!

  • Jam··· 09/03/2021 1Recommend

    I always get colored contacts from olens. I love the vivring series the most and the glowy real looks similar and l would love to try black and brown! The lens are so comfortable and l wear them almost everyday. My eye makeup will be glowy and smoky for casual and good look. Love olens!❤ Most try

  • Lee··· 08/04/2021 3Recommend

    Olens is the first and the last beauty lens brand I would purchase in my life. They are so comfortable as I don't feel any scratchiness while wearing them. They are so moisturising and I could wear them for a whole day! Olens is the best option to purchase beauty lenses! Love it!!

  • Uye··· 07/20/2021 0Recommend

    I love olens, very comfortable and softly. I will buy more I love olens, very comfortable and softly. I will buy more I love olens, very comfortable and softly. I will buy more